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We draw, rove, spin and manufacture quality

Our wool-based products are the finest in the industry. In fact, KENTWOOL has been producing fine quality yarn since 1843, right here in the USA. We begin by selecting the highest quality raw materials to work with. Then we put them through our own proprietary process—from drawing all the way through winding—to ensure quality every step of the way, no matter what the product. In 2010, we launched The World’s Best Golf Sock—our premium, award-winning line of super-fine merino wool golf socks that have been endorsed by top players on the PGA and LPGA Tour.

KENTWOOL is the only company in the western hemisphere—and one of just 50 in the world—to receive the Usterized Quality Certification indicating the highest level of quality assurance in yarn production. Based in Greenville, SC, all KENTWOOL products are made in the USA.

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