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A true commitment to sustainability

While some companies pay lip service to being "green” or sustainable, KENTWOOL actually walks the walk. In 2009, KENTWOOL installed a solar electricity generation system at its North American manufacturing complex located in Pickens County.

The state-of-the-art 15.6 kW solar electric system is unique among South Carolina manufacturers. The leading edge design—which creates electricity from sunlight—incorporates 72 photovoltaic panels mounted on a series of poles which track sunlight east to west during the day. The phase 1 installation generates enough power to offset all office and corporate functions of KENTWOOL’s 100,000 square-foot Upstate SC operations base. The initial installation maximizes output and minimizes cost per watt produced, and is designed for expansion that could substantially offset manufacturing processing power requirements in the future.

The design also incorporates a web-based monitoring system that allows for efficient online tracking of system performance. Sustainability is becoming a foundational (not peripheral!) component of KENTWOOL’s commitment to innovation. In addition to the new utility interactive solar electric system, KENTWOOL has implemented strategies for the recycling of all raw materials and unused production waste materials into re-usable or sellable products—ranging from industrial fabrics to blankets.

Just happy to be doing our part.

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