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Baby soft, breezy and brilliant.

WINDspun is our revolutionary signature spun yarn, first developed in 2008. It represents the smoothest, most luxurious wool yarn ever produced in our 150+ year history. The sleekness and durability of the product is unprecedented, and is now being integrated into some of the world's most renowned clothing lines, as well as our own line of super-fine merino wool golf socks.

The innovative WINDspun process re-integrates loose fibers that are suctioned to the core of the yarn. This increases the strength and durability of the yarn, and drastically minimizes pilling/felting. With WINDspun technology, the final garment possesses a smooth, silky finish that is soft and comfortable to the skin.

Our revolutionary WINDpsun product mirrors the company’s commitment to innovation—and to giving our customers the highest quality products on the market. WINDspun is produced exclusively at our manufacturing site in Pickens, SC.

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