What is the best Father's Day gift?

Father’s Day is quickly approaching, leaving you with the nagging question of “What do I get for dear old Dad this year?” That’s a great question.

The dad in your life is the man who has everything. Remember that super hip knit tie you got him last year that he only wore once? Yeah, maybe not your best move. And you definitely don’t want to go the boring or predictable route by getting him more cologne or another gizmo or gadget that probably doesn’t work as well as it should (especially considering he’s only used it once).

Lucky for you, we have THE answer. Socks. Yes, socks.

We can guess what you’re thinking, socks as the best Father’s Day gift of this year?!? That can’t be. But that’s where you are wrong, dear friend. Here are just a few reasons to convince you why socks will rock your gift-giving this Father’s Day.

  1. Socks are for everyone. Whether you are buying for your dad, uncle, father-in-law, grandpa, father figure, or soon-to-be dad, you can find comfort in remembering that they all wear socks, so at least this year’s gift will get used more than once.   
  2. Socks come in endless colors, styles, and functionalities. This is a great way to show that you have been paying attention to Dad’s wants, needs, and daily habits, by picking a special pair just for them. Snag a pair from the Game Day collection for the sports fanatic, The Graduate compression sock for the jet setter or for grandpa, or a pair from the 19th Hole collection for those concerned about both style and comfort. Options are good.
  3. Socks are worn (almost) everyday. Your dad will be flattered that you found a way to spice up his daily groove with a pair of luxuriously comfortable wool socks. He’ll be able to find beauty in his mundane routine - all thanks to you (#favoriteChildStatus)!
  4. Socks won’t break the bank. Just like anything that gets daily use, it’s always worth it to splurge on something you know is great quality and will hold up over time. So while a pair of Kentwools is an investment in comfort, in the grand scheme of things, they’ll be used far more than the golf clubs, pool table, or Jet Ski from year’s past at a far more affordable price. (If you are looking to buy more than just a pair, keeping reading, because we have some #deals for you!)
  5. Socks are easy. They are easy to pick out, easy to wear, and even easier to buy on our website. We like to use ours for golf, but we have heard of fans wearing them for running, tennis, fishing, and more. So rest assured that this gift can easily be used anywhere and for anything that requires shoes.

Lucky for you, and lucky for Dad, we’ve come up with some great bundles to help you spoil the big guy, while getting more bang for your buck.

Bundles are easy - just pick your items (style and sizing are up to you!), place them in your cart, apply the appropriate code at checkout and watch the savings role in! Need more detail? Check out this blog or watch this video

The first bundle (promo code: DAD1) consists of 3 pairs of Tour Profile socks and a Kentwool hat for only $49.95 (compared to $85 regularly).

fathers day gift bundle 1


The second bundle (promo code: DAD2) is made up of 5 pairs of Tour Profile socks and a wool tee for $99.95 (normally $175).


fathers day gift bundle 2

The third bundle (promo code: DAD3) is made up of 10 pairs of Tour Profile socks, 2 wool tees, and 1 Kentwool hat for $199.95 (normally valued at $350).

fathers day gift bundle 3
Need further directions on how to make sure you get these deals? Click this link to find redemption details.  

So go ahead, treat Dad to the best gift ever! And mark your calendar for Father’s Day, Sunday, June 19, if you haven’t already!

happy fathers day golf ball