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Kentwool is excited to announce that we are now the official sock of the Association of Professional Tour Caddies (APTC)! This means that on the course, where every step counts, over 100 professional caddies will be rocking Kentwool golf socks. That translates into 50 million steps being taken on tour without a blister, thanks to our all natural, Merino wool socks. Click to check out the APTC and all the fun they’re having with Kentwool socks!

The Association of Professional Tour Caddies is a trade association of the top professional golf caddies who work with the best golfers in the world. The APTC is a channel to educate the public about the profession and the role caddies play in professional golf.



James Edmondson, PGA Tour Caddie

James Edmondson

PGA Tour Player: Ryan Palmer


“I used to buy my socks from the wholesale grocery stores. Never putting much thought into socks. However, after a couple of months in these Kentwool socks, I now see the difference. It's amazing how comfortable and consistent they are on my feet regardless of what shoe I wear. I support our military and as I've said before, if these socks are good enough for the forces they are damn good enough for me!”

Andy Sanders, APTC Member

Andy Sanders

PGA Tour Player: Jimmy Walker


“Having good socks seems like such an inconsequential thing, but until you have good ones, you never know what you're missing! It used to be, that I always had to worry about what socks I was going to wear on a daily basis, depending on what shoes I was wearing that day. With the Kentwools, it's not a concern in the least, whether it's hot and sunny, or cold and damp, my feet haven't felt this good caddying in the ten years I've been doing this! I look forward to supporting your product for many years to come!”

Matt Hall, APTC Member, PGA Tour Caddie

Matt Hall

PGA Tour Player: Stewart Cink


“The comfort and performance are unmatched by ANY other sock on the market! My feet are very thankful for Kentwool!!”

Chris Jones, PGA Tour Caddie

Chris Jones

PGA Tour Player: Marc Wilson


“Thank you for supporting the PGA Tour Caddies. I really like the socks. I was unsure if they were going to be too thick or not breathe well - but they have been very good. I like the extra padding and cushion in the Kentwool Socks. They don't shift or move around while you are wearing them, that's important in a low cut sock that it doesn't move around. So far my experience with Kentwool socks are very positive.”

John Diana, APTC Caddie

John Diana

PGA Tour Player: Jason Kokrak


“These are the best socks in the industry. Very noticeable how much better they are the moment I put them on. Once people try them they will want to wear nothing else!”

Mike Darby, PGA Tour Caddie

Mike Darby

PGA Tour Player: DA Points


“As you know we spend hours on our feet every day that includes approximately 5-7 miles of walking. I've tried many brands of premium socks and none of them have come close to Kentwool. The combination of soft cushioning and ventilation are unmatched. There is no odor in the socks at the end of the day like with other brands. The old adage 'you get what you pay for' holds true here.”

Ryan Baucom, APTC Member

Ryan Baucom

PGA Tour Player: Brice Garnett


“At first I was a bit hesitant to wear a sock that was much thicker than any other sock I had worn before... partly because my feet sweat...a lot. When I put them on my feet...'pillows' is the word that came to mind. What I did notice after wearing the Kentwool sock is that my feet didn't sweat like they had in other socks. Most people, myself included, think 'wool' and think hot, heavy, thick... but these socks are breathable, comfortable, and cool. These socks make it easier on my body, and for someone who can walk anywhere from 6-10 miles a day, that's huge! I have noticed that my calves and especially my feet weren't as fatigued as before. When I feel better physically, I know that I am capable of doing my job well.”

Matthew Achatz, APTC Member

Matthew Achatz

PGA Tour Player: Jim Herman


“These socks are fantastic. I used to wear Smartwool, but the comfort of Kentwool is on a whole new level. It just feels like you're putting on a cushion when you get ready to head out for our 8 miles of walking on the course. My feet feel much better at the end of the day then they did before Kentwool socks. Thank you for your support! Now I'm Kentwool for life!”

Bruce Clendenen, PGA Tour Caddie

Bruce Clendenen

PGA Tour Player: Michael Letzig


“I love that these socks give me some cushion in my heel and haven't even come close to showing any signs of wear against the heel area. That's what I've always struggled with is 95% of an old sock is ok but the heel is thinned out like pantyhose.”

Micah Fugitt, APTC Caddie

Micah Fugitt

PGA Tour Player Billy Horshel


“Kentwool socks are awesome. They are super comfortable and perform better than any other sock I've worn.”

Damian Lopez, Stuart Appleby's Caddie

Damion Lopez

PGA Tour Player: Stuart Appleby


“The socks are working out great. I've used a micro cycling sock for years and thought there might be a tough transition but that hasn't been the case and I am very please with your product. Thanks again!”

Derrick Redd, PGA Tour Caddie

Derrick Redd

PGA Tour Player: Sun Young Yoo


“I wear my Kentwool socks 365 days out of the year on and off the course. Kentwool socks are the only socks I want to receive on Christmas. Thanks for being a huge part of my life. Kentwool for Life!”



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