SensationWool FAQs


SensationWool with Nufabrx®


  1. Why is the SensationWool sock unique?

The SensationWool sock is a therapeutic sock designed to temporarily relieve foot pain. This sock features Kentwool’s signature, superfine Merino wool in combination with Nufabrx® nylon, which is infused with capsaicin and a synthetic cooling agent. These ingredients, similar to those found in over-the-counter pain treatments, create a combination of warming and cooling sensations to offer temporary relief of foot related aches and pains.


  1. Are there other pain reliving socks like the SensationWool currently on the market?

No. The SensationWool is the first and only sock to use infused yarns to provide temporary relief of foot-related aches and pains.


  1. What types of pain does the SensationWool relieve?

The SensationWool provides temporary relief of foot-related aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with strains, sprains, arthritis, bruises, cramps, stiffness and soreness.


  1. How does the SensationWool work?

Friction during wear activates the gradual release of the infused ingredients, capsaicin and a synthetic cooling agent, providing temporary pain relief in the foot.


  1. Is the SensationWool meant to be worn before, during or after activity?

The SensationWool may be worn at any time, and its benefits will be best experienced with repeated and extended wear during activity. The SensationWool is designed for wear during activity and should not be considered merely a recovery sock.


  1. Do the infused ingredients in the SensationWool leave an odor?

No. The SensationWool does not have an odor.


  1. Is the SensationWool constructed like KentWool’s Tour Profile?

Yes. The SensationWool features the same construction as KentWool’s Tour Profile.


  1. Is the wool content the same in the SensationWool as the Tour Profile?

The SensationWool is comprised of 55% wool, and the Tour Profile is 58% wool. The feel of the sock during wear, aside from the sensation of course, will be nearly identical.


  1. How long will the therapeutic effects of SensationWool last?

Per lab testing, the infused ingredients in the SensationWool will last up to 30 wash cycles. After the active ingredients have dissipated, you will have a perfectly wonderful Tour Profile sock to continue to enjoy. You can expect to total life of 15-18 months on this sock with standard wear. 


  1. Will I feel a sensation immediately when wearing the sock?

Exactly what is felt will vary person to person. Generally speaking, you will not feel a sensation instantly. The sensation generated by the ingredients will build over time. The level of sensation and time to feeling the sensation will vary based on your unique body chemistry.


  1. Will the intensity of the ingredients fade over time?

Yes. The intensity of the ingredients will lessen gradually over time until 30 wash cycles are completed and the ingredients are considered fully diminished. However, during each wearing you are still getting a “Therapeutic Dose” of the ingredients. Over time desensitization to the ingredients may occur; you are still receiving pain relief benefits even if the sensation does not appear as strong as during the first use.


  1. Are these ingredients safe?

Yes. The ingredients used in the SensationWool sock are cosmetic-grade ingredients, safe for regular wear.


  1. Could I have a reaction to the SensationWool?

These ingredients have been deemed safe for wear and a reaction is extremely unlikely; however, each body is different. In the event you experience a rash, stop use immediately and seek medical attention if the condition persists. If you have known sensitivity to capsaicin or other topical pain relievers, we do not suggest wearing the SensationWool.


  1. Is SensationWool safe for people who have diabetic foot pain/foot blisters/sores/open wounds?

Always consult your physician if you have specific medical issues.


  1. How should I care for my SensationWool socks?

For best results, turn socks inside out and machine wash in cold or warm water. Air dry for best results. If using a dryer, low heat only please. Do not use fabric softeners, bleach or bleach alternatives.


  1. I don’t feel a sensation. What do you suggest?

If you’ve just put the sock on, we’d suggest wearing them a bit longer (try them for a couple days!). Though exact experiences vary, most wearers report feeling increased sensation with time. It is also helpful to be active during wear, generating more friction.


If your sock has been washed apx. 30 times, the ingredients are completely faded, and you will need a new pair of SensationWool socks to experience pain-relieving benefits.


  1. The sensation is too strong for me. What do you suggest?

Wash the socks once or twice…or more if necessary! The intensity of the sensation will fade gradually with each wash cycle, allowing you to find the perfect level of sensation for you.


  1. My sock has been through 30 wash cycles. Should I throw it away?

No way! When the infused ingredients are gone, you are left with a wonderful Tour Profile sock to enjoy.


  1. How can I tell the difference in my Tour Profile sock and the SensationWool?

The SensationWool has “Nufabrx” knit at the toe to help you distinguish your treated from your non-treated socks. After 30 washes, we suggest laundering and storing your expired SensationWools separately from your newer, active SensationWools.


  1. What is the price of the SensationWool?

The SensationWool retails for $24.99.


  1. What sizes are the SensationWool offered in?

The SensationWool comes in women’s MD & LG and men’s MD, LG and XL.


  1. Where can I purchase the SensationWool?

The SensationWool is available exclusively at


  1. Will you offer the SensationWool in additional colors and styles?

Perhaps! We expect that you’ll love this sock as much as we do, and your support helps us extend the line and offer new colors and styles. Stay tuned!


  1. What is your return/exchange policy on SensationWool?

You may return your SensationWool within 30 days of purchase. Unworn merchandise is eligible for refund or exchange. Worn merchandise will be accepted for store credit only.


  1. It’s been more than 30 days, but I’m having an issue. What now?

Please reach out! Our main priority is your satisfaction, and our commitment is to handle all concerns in a way that is fast, friendly and fair.




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