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Men's SensationWool Sock

$ 24.95

 ***Re-stock Date: June, 2020

Introducing our most revolutionary sock to date! The first and only sock on the market featuring infused, therapeutic fiber for pain relief. Designed to be worn during activity, the SensationWool helps to soothe your foot pain while you move. 

The SensationWool sock features our signature, superfine Merino wool in combination with Nufabrx® nylon, which is infused with capsaicin and a synthetic cooling agent. This combination of warming and cooling ingredients, similar to those found in over-the-counter pain treatments, provides temporary relief of foot-related aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with strains, sprains, arthritis, bruises, cramps, stiffness and soreness. 

Per lab testing, the infused ingredients in the SensationWool will last up to 30 wash cycles. After the active ingredients have dissipated, you will have a perfectly wonderful Tour Profile sock to continue to enjoy. 

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Made in the USA.

55% Merino Wool
44% Nylon
1% Spandex



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