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“Why doesn’t anyone make a better golf sock?” This one, simple question posed by our founder Mark Kent launched the performance sock business you know and love today. During his final round at the 2008 BMW Charity Pro-Am, Mark was standing on the eighteenth hole with a chance at Eagle, but all he could think about was his badly blistered feet.

That’s no way to end such a memorable round, and as he mused about a better sock, his caddy’s response would prove revolutionary: “You run a wool yarn manufacturing company, Mark. Why don’t you make a better sock?” A lightbulb moment, and the rest is history.

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kentwool today

Today, Kentwool has become widely respected and trusted for the exceptional cushioning, comfort, quality and durability of its Merino wool socks. From professional and amateur golfers, to outdoor enthusiasts, cyclists and a whole host of other active individuals, Kentwool fans are known to enthusiastically describe these products as the World’s Best Socks.